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At D-Web Technologies, we’re helping Internet users take back control of their data, keeping it out of the hands of large corporations and building a decentralized Internet, one that works for all. 

We're implementing economically viable and scalable networks and infrastructure that facilitate connections between devices over peer-to-peer (P2P) networks.  Join us for a front-row seat to the journey to decentralize the web and give the power back to the people.

Join us in decentralizing the future.

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Our Technology

Our WiFi-enabled IoT hotspots developed by Helium, Inc. utilize encrypted low-frequency radio waves to transmit and upload small amounts of encrypted data from IoT devices over large distances (up to 10 miles), without an expensive data plan. They also serve as a critical backup for cellular and internet networks in the event of an emergency.

Keep an eye out as we add other exciting blockchain-based systems in the future.

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Our Community

We believe in empowering you, the internet user, to make the right decisions for you to protect your data. Whether you want to know how peer-to-peer (P2P) networks work, where our latest WiFi-enabled IoT hotspots are going, or even tips on protecting your data online, we’re here to help.

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Our Story

In 2020, a group of U.S. Navy veterans decided to use their experience working with classified intelligence and specialized communications systems to do something bold. They created a startup company to implement their vision of a decentralized internet controlled by the people, not large corporations. Today you know this company as D-Web Technologies.

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