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A New Network for Smart Devices

Our goal is to implement scalable and economically viable technologies to help build the decentralized internet. And we have started moving towards this goal with the deployment of the first 50 of our wireless hotspots.

These hotspots are a novel technology developed by Helium, Inc., a Silicon Valley-based company that has created the underlying systems backing this wireless network, known as "The People's Network." The WiFi-enabled hotspots collect data from smart devices over large distances (up to 10 miles) using an open-source network protocol, known as the LoRaWAN protocol, without an expensive data plan. In exchange for providing LoRaWAN coverage, hotspots are rewarded with a new cryptocurrency, Helium, that is convertible into USD.

Anyone with a WiFI network can host a hotspot and receive a share of the Helium cryptocurrency that the hotspot generates. Hotspot Hosts are helping build the world's first truly peer-to-peer wireless network that belongs to internet users, and not a few large corporations, a network that provides low-cost coverage to smart devices in a way that the traditional telecommunications industry cannot. Hotspots are also extremely efficient. A single Hotspot can provide coverage to thousands of smart devices using the power of a single LED light bulb (5W). Only 50-100 Hotspots are needed to provide coverage for an entire city.

At this point, we have deployed enough hotspots to completely cover the city of San Antonio, Texas, the seventh-largest city in the nation. Our plan is to extend coverage to the other major cities in Texas, starting with Austin, now the eleventh-largest city in the country. If you are interested in helping us expand coverage across the state of Texas, or just want to learn more about our company and participate in helping us build the decentralized web, contact us here.

What are the benefits of hosting a hotspot? Not only will you be helping build a decentralized network that makes your city smarter, but you will also be rewarded in Helium cryptocurrency for every packet of data transmitted on your hotspot. And the only cost to you is the small amount of power needed to run the device.

Join us in making the decentralized revolution a reality.

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