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How IoT is Revolutionizing Agriculture

How Smart Farms Are Changing Agriculture 

Agriculture is at the heart of many communities around the world. Our founders grew up in small towns and on ranches, so we know how important, but also how challenging, an industry it is. Working in agriculture is more than an occupation, it’s a way of life.

Traditionally, it’s also been a sector that’s been slow to adopt modern technology. The first IoT solutions were too costly to track entire herds of livestock or monitor fields of crops. However, with new inexpensive sensors, IoT offers real solutions to these age-old problems. 

First, let’s consider animals. Monitoring herds of animals, outdoor gates, and fences is an around-the-clock job. Not only is it labor-intensive and time-consuming, but escape or loss of animals is an ever-present threat to the bottom line of so many ranches. Simple beacons can track the movement of livestock in real-time and monitor a pre-defined perimeter, alerting you when a gate is open or a boundary is crossed – no more waiting for manual fence and gate checks.

Similarly, ranchers can monitor food and waste levels remotely. Routine checks can be a thing of the past by instead receiving alerts only when a particular dispenser, tank, or bin needs emptying or refilling.

Plant care, too, can be made easy by these simple sensors. Farmers can monitor crops in greater detail without ever having to set foot in a field or greenhouse. Soil moisture, temperature, humidity, and acidity can all be monitored in real-time to reduce the risk of crop loss. By monitoring crops by acre (or even by individual plants), farmers can improve yields significantly.

This same technology can revolutionize greenhouses, forestry, and land management – and has dozens of other off-the-shelf applications.

General maintenance of facilities is also one of the hidden costs of any farming business. Here, sensors are already automating processes to save on costs and man-hours. Take pest control, for instance. Monitoring rodent traps remotely means you are only alerted when they need emptying, while interactive floor plans allow a root-cause analysis of any infestation. Crucially, this removes the need for costly pest control companies.

Tractors Harvesting Corn

These are just a few of the ways IoT sensors are changing agriculture for the better. Whether it's monitoring livestock, ensuring optimal conditions for crops, or general maintenance around the farm, smart sensors are automating and innovating. Just as the rise of heavy machinery in the 20th Century changed agriculture forever, IoT will be the technology that reinvents agriculture for the next 100 years. 

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