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D-Web Technologies Makes San Antonio a Top 10 City for Next Level IoT-Enabled Internet Coverage

What does a smarter city mean for you in 2021 and beyond?​

Blockchain technology is making headlines as it digitizes industries to bring digital transformation across the board. From automating supply chains to purchasing real estate in a matter of seconds, blockchain is propelling smarter business by efficiently recording digital transactions and storing data on a distributed ledger that is decentralized. 

In just a few short months, D-Web Technologies (Decentralized Web Technologies) has grown the Helium network across San Antonio. Today, Helium Hotspot hosts are rewarded for creating wireless coverage that utilizes LoRaWAN technology to create the largest, low-powered wide area network for IoT network coverage in the country. So how has a technology company gone about building a peer-to-peer network ecosystem in San Antonio from scratch, and what does it mean for the general public? 

For those unfamiliar with the term, decentralization simply means transitioning to open source networks controlled by their participants rather than one large company, and is intended to be more secure and transparent while simultaneously empowering users to own their own data. These are all critical aspects that D-Web Technologies has moved to quickly embrace to modernize San Antonio’s internet infrastructure and launch into the future of technology- all while increasing San Antonio’s ranking on the list of smart cities in the United States.  

D-Web Technologies has made it their mission to directly empower the community by distributing Helium Hotspots into the hands of the people. This covers as much of the city as possible to enable IoT devices as a service network via the community, while incentivizing Hotspot hosts with a share of the revenue generated by device traffic. The Helium Blockchain serves as a cloud resource for the public and solves the problem of connectivity between small devices and the internet. 

Today, IoT sensors can communicate on the Helium Blockchain and transmit data for a wide range of applications, including locating your lost dog with a smart collar or powering your electric scooter or bike at a fraction of the cost it would take using cellular data. The Helium Blockchain ecosystem can even help drive smarter business by integrating IoT sensors that monitor temperature, air quality, heavy machinery, and much more in a manner not previously economically viable for small businesses via other means.

Utilizing LoRaWAN technology for coverage over longer ranges, these Hotspots constantly ping off of each other, validating data transmission and building trust in a mesh network between Hotspots that are up to 40 miles away. These hotspots create new information highways, and D-Web Technologies provides them free of charge. They are lightweight, about an inch thick, 6×6 inches long, and cost hosts only 5 cents a day in electricity to operate. 

With a limited supply of hotspots in circulation, San Antonio is already at the cutting edge, joining cities like Austin, Dallas and Houston to adopt this blockchain technology. In the near future, D-Web Technologies envisions this network can enable applications as an alternative to cellular, to even low bandwidth, low-cost internet as a basic human right. By embracing blockchain on a community level, the city of San Antonio can maximize the potential of these smart devices and create a smarter city for all San Antonians.

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