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D-Web Technologies and the Growth of Helium

Helium's Network Effect

Over the past few months, the Helium Network has been rapidly expanding. Gemini’s latest blog features the project which, as of this month, already hosts over 70,000 hotspots around the world. The Helium project now includes partnerships with scooter rental company Lime, software giant Salesforce, and startups such as D-Web Technologies, who are working hard to scale the network.

First, a bit of background on Helium. In short, Helium is a blockchain designed to power Internet of Things (IoT) devices through a network of hotspots – but it’s much more than that. They’re creating “The People’s Network”, a next-generation wireless network with the potential to connect millions of IoT devices while incentivizing users to host hotspots, through rewards, to grow the network even further. All for the cost of running a lightbulb.

As one of Helium’s strategic partners, D-Web Technologies plays a key role in building out this network. We were one of the first organizations to start deploying hotspots – from finding suitable locations and organizing installation to routine maintenance and optimizing rewards for hosts. And we continue to make progress towards this goal.

We started with cities like San Antonio, Texas.

Here, we worked with individuals and businesses – including shops, offices, and tech companies – to ensure optimum coverage across the city. The Helium Network works by incentivizing the optimal placement of hotspots. Too close, or too far apart, and your rewards are reduced. We helped the local community in San Antonio spot gaps in the ‘mesh’ and, in doing so, ensured maximum rewards for them and maximum coverage for the network.

We’re now replicating this success across major US cities including Los Angeles, Denver, and Austin – as well as Danville, Virginia, and Bozeman, Montana.    

It may still be early days for Helium and the wider IoT industry, but D-Web is proud to be playing a part in building a decentralized future.

Find out more and help us build the people’s network at D-Web Technologies.

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